Monday, January 18, 2010

You know what's a LOT scarier than you might think?

Having a chicken hiding in your house and not realizing it.

NOTE: Real sorry to anyone who was offended by my language in this post. I basically copied it from an email to a friend and forgot to edit it properly. I try to keep the language on here as clean as possible so my family and friends can enjoy it and I'm sorry for the slip-up. Anyway, back to the story.

I was jogging a few days ago at my village's school. I left my front door open (won't repeat this mistake) but I looked my outer gate door. Only reason I even left the door open was because I was right next door at the high school. No one can get into my house if the outer gate is locked (its like a 10 foot high wall with glass shard on top) but chickens can (and often do) sneak under the gate door and dick around in my lawn.

I guess one sneaked into my house and secreted itself somewhere in either the back room or maybe under some furniture. My house has lots of like mice and probably bird and other rodent type animals living in the roof, so I'm used to various scratching noises. I more or less tune them out. Which is, I guess, why I didn't notice the chicken.

Later, in the middle of that night, I walked into my kitchen to get a glass of water. The lights were all out but there was a full moon and you could see silhouettes of furniture, etc. I look into my living room to see if the power was on (by looking at the light on my surge protector) and all of a sudden this like basketball sized, reptilian-in-its-movement, shadow runs like right towards me. I totally FREAKED out and booted the thing across my living room. I was able to turn the lights on right after that but when that thing charged me my heartbeat must have gone up to like 170.

Took me another like 20 minutes to get the thing out of my house too. T.I.A, man.

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Brad Melius said...

Hilarious, I can imagine the whole thing...