Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I've been in Cameroon for 376 days now. That's pretty wild because it feels like just a couple of months ago that I was getting off the plane. The idea that I have less time here ahead of me than I have behind me is mind-blowing. I've seen things and met people that would have otherwise never entered my life and I wouldn't change a second of it. That said, I'm so excited to be 2 weeks away from flying to Europe to see my family and some buddies from college. A few weeks of modern civilization will be a welcome repose.

I haven't posted a blog since 1974 (roughly) so I feel like I owe you guys some substance. First things first, here's a fun little bingo card of common diseases amongst PCVs that the Albins made. I have been lucky (knock on wood) compared to other PCVs, but even I've had six of these maladies. Guess which six and win a prize! (Prize may be subject to non-existence)

We're here for Mid-Service right now, which is essentially a intensive health check up at the one year mark that all PCVs have to undergo. It involves a lot of pooping into small receptacles to be tested at a lab. Never have you seen more fully-grown, mature (some less than others) adults discussing the technical intricacies of defecating into a container the size of a film canister. If there was a chalkboard here, we'd have been sharing diagrams.

I have to go to the lab to get blood drawn in a bit, but I have a good story about a magical bush taxi ride that I'll post later this week before I go and help with the training.


billy said...

i'm going to go with diarrhea, athlete's foot, fungus, chiggers, bed bugs and blister beetle

cmox said...

Hey Jim -- how's things:

I'm betting

--Mango Worms
--The Ebola Virus (i shoudln't even joke) :)
--definitely Fungus :)
-- and side order of Thyphoid

was I right :)