Saturday, April 11, 2009

So close! Thanks to all of you who've donated!

Little mini-update: We're about at our goal for the Moto project! We're about $600 short as of this post so anyone out there who hasn't donated yet... any little bit counts! I'm blown away by all of your generosity, helping us to raise around $5500 dollars in around three weeks.

And I'm sorry I've been so lax on the blog. I promise to do a legit update tomorrow about the arrival of the rainy season and various other things. Thanks again

Donate more money here! The amount you donate is directly proportional to how good of a person you are. It's science.


dabjrb said...

HAPPY EASTER!!! We all missed you at Aunt Cathy's for our Saturday Easter celebration. Uncle John wants to know if he is your favorite Uncle (he donated!). Well we are gonna call you in a few and then its off to Grandma'sfor the real Easter!!!

Love, Mom

cmox said...

I donated jerky! But I'm not really a good person since I only gave $50 but I think that's at least one visit at the nursing home . . .

love ya



Aunt Cathy said...

Hey Jim
Sorry I haven't donated yet-will do this week. Don't want to miss out on your nursing home visits. We missed you at the "not" real Easter dinner on saturday. Xoxo love Aunt Cathy