Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get excited, Ma. Two posts in one month.

A couple funny things happened to me this weekend so I thought I'd share them here. I went to a wedding on Saturday night with Cook and had a blast. So I didn't know about the wedding until before we left, so I show up wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. Ultra classy, I know. I don't think they took it as an affront, though. I say this because when we arrived at around 9 PM, we were seated right next to the groom and his blushing bride. And I mean that literally, the bride looked very young and very nervous. Happy, though.

So we're talking and enjoying the traditional group dances by the women folk and just having an all around good time. Neither of us had eaten dinner and we were both starved by the time they brought out the tables. We were served at around 10:30 (Only the bride and groom ate before us) and it was an absolute FEAST. The groom is a private chef and homeslice went all Wolfgang Puck on the situation. Apparently most of the fare was Brazilian, but it all struck me as very German... So yeah take from that what you will.

After the delicious Ger-zilian fare, two women came out and started to clear all the plates and empty cups and such. The groom comes over to me and very proudly tells me that the two women clearing the table were his first two wives. I'm sorry but that &%$# is funny to me. This is far from my first interaction with polygamy in Cameroon and I'm not trying to speak out against it. I'm just tickled at the idea of having to bus tables at your husband's third wedding. Do you think he tipped? Seriously though, polygamy is a common enough practice in Cameroon and I'm past the point where I'll try and speak out against it. It's just a cultural thing. Besides, I don't really need to try and turn people away from it. Polygamy has its own inherent punishment. Two wives! Hiyooooo!*

The other thing I wanted to write about were these bootleg DVDs that they sell here in Bamenda. They sell all kinds of TV show seasons (mostly dramas, American comedy doesn't always translate well) and tons of DVDs with 40-50 full length movies compressed onto them. Interestingly enough, a lot of them are advertised as being printed on TDK brand DVDs. For those of you that don't know, that's my Dad's old company. Unsurprisingly, none of the TDK DVDs I've bought have actually worked. The best part of these things though is that they all come from China and have little blurbs and stuff on the back in horribly engrish. Check out this description of Season 6 of Friends:

Ross and Rachel get up last night after the marriage completely forgotten the absurd things. Breakfast, ask friends, the two waken ip from their dream, decide to settle in New York after the abolition of marriage. Rachel Ross Please rest assured that the matter would be entirely his dishes, but he has gone back on his word. Germany, and Monica all the money for their own marriage he, Lanshan, but not exports. If the combination of the two is predestined, and there should be signs? Sign one after another, but they still refuses to recognize life. Finally money Talk proposed cohabitation. Joey Fabian took over the food supply trucks, Fabian convince motorists to go home with him. He promised trip will be fun, but Along the way, most of the time he fell asleep.

I want to send all of my future blog posts to this company so they can translate them into Chinese and then back into this Engrish mess.

Next time, on Jim's Peace Corps Blog: Foreword to an International Incident!

Africa long time has kept Jameson Whiskey back and forth between his villagers. But this weekend beach plans for golfing because a break needed is what he has. After returns, Jim begins to finish school his students study but fare well on the exams will they? Who could tell. He plans to Europe with Jessica parents this summer coming, but firstly helps with training he will be Peace Corpse 2009.


But yeah so I'm taking the weekend off to release some stress and see the Southwest again. I'll let you know how that plays out but I probably wouldn't expect another update until April. Go Heels!

*Did I already make that joke on this blog? Perhaps. But hey it's a classic.

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carol said...

fun times with polygamy!

i have the sixth season of friends at my house, you should come visit. i just watched the one where ross assured rachel that the matter would be entirely his dishes.

have fun on spring break!