Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My dog > Terminix

Just a little mini-post, but I told my mom about this the other day and she got so grossed out I had to share it with everyone.

A few nights ago, before I got into bed, I noticed a spider about the size of my palm in the corner of my bedroom. I stood there and pondered what to do with it. Last time I saw one of these buggers, I just stepped on it. That resulted in a loooooot of spider guts all over my flip-flop and bedroom floor. Like, copious amounts of spider guts. I had to actually use paper towels to clean up this absurd amount of spider guts. So I'm sitting there trying to come up with a gameplan, and Gizmo walks into my room. He stands at my feet for a minute, notices the spider, and then very calmly walks over to the thing and just eats it in like two gulps. Looks back at me, wags his tail, and walks back into the den.