Friday, November 7, 2008

Yes, we did.

President-Elect Barack Obama.

Thats pretty wild, n'est-ce pas? I am officially cautiously optimistic about America's future. I was telling someone the other day that I dont think Obama is going to save the world. He's going to raise taxes, which I dont agree with. He's not going to be perfect. But he puts a new face on the United States in a time when the globe is shrinking and international relations are more important than ever. In short, I think he gives the United States a better chance at a peaceful existence. We'll see though.

Anyway things are bon au Cameroun. I baked up some brownies last week and gave some out to these toddlers that are always near my house. The resulting sugar rush was a sight to be seen. Im officially the most popular white person in Cameroon. As long as your survey pool is only children from the age of 5-7 in my tiny village.

In service training is rapidly approaching and Im really excited to see everyone again and unwind for a few days. Its hard to believe Ive already been in country for 5 months. Time is truly flying.

Its Homecoming back in North Carolina, and the Heels need to beat Georgia Tech to keep hope alive for a shot at the ACC Championship. College Basketball kicks off in the next week or two as well. UNC's squad this year against any other team should be like Russia vs. Georgia, but we'll see. With any luck we'll dismember everyone as predicted and maybe even earn a few UN sanctions. Cross your fingers.

Not much else is new, but Im giving a test next week and I plan on giving another joke bonus question. So maybe we'll get some more gems like I had in training.

Go Heels, Go Giants, and GOBama!


Stephanie said...

I love this blog.

cmox said...

this blog sucks :)

aunt debbie and kids said...

Jim, Crissy and I sent you a care package. It's got lots of books and stuff for you..........Hope it get's there before Christmas!
Love Aunt Debbie