Saturday, November 15, 2008

Say Hello to Gizmo!

I just got myself a puppy dog. He kept sneaking into my yard under my gate so I started feeding him. After a few days of this I talked to the family that “owned” him and paid roughly $2 American so I could keep him. He’s a total mutt, but very loveable. Also very lazy. I’ve named him Gizmo as he looks a lot like a Mogwai. Not to mention if I feed him after 9 o; clock he poops all over my house. Check out the mangy mutt:


dabjrb said...

He is so cute!!! His tail looks a little like a leopard and he has big feet, who were his parents! Dad said something about a gun if you bring him home!!!! Just kidding you know what a softee dad is with dogs, Chester walks all over him. I will send some meds and treats for him in the next care package, don't let those monster spiders near him.

Love, Mom

cmox said...

Congrats! He's so cute.

Aunt Cathy said...

He's so cute. Have fun with him. What about the kitten??