Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Treat

So its almost Halloween, which of course means absolutely nothing here. I dont really plan on doing anything besides maybe eating a couple snickers bars. Things have been going pretty smoothly here lately. I was running out of water, but its rained the past few days so Ive been better off in that department. The dry season is upon us though, so I need to get used to it.

I was thinking the other day about how old the village I live in must be. Like, how long peoples ancestors could have been living in this same area. Thousands and thousands of years. I mean I can only trace my ancestors living in the United States back until the early 20th century. Before that my family was in Europe. But people who live here can be walking the same paths as their ancestors did thousands of years ago. Im really living in the cradle of human civilization. Pretty wild.

So funny story. Im teaching Physics to like 40 8th grade-aged kids, and these two goats scramble into the classroom and one mounts the other. Right in the middle of class. Kids barely missed a beat, just chased them right out of their classroom. Then 10 minutes later I drop my chalk and the entire class erupts in laughter. Really?! Is my clumsiness really that much more hilarious than two goats &!?@ing during homeroom? Oh well.

Happy Halloween, everybody.

PS - Forgive any typos, this keyboard is atrocious.


dabjrb said...

What happened to my comment?


Anonymous said...

Barack is the new president.

more importantly, i found some texas pete, so i'll have your care package in the mail within a week