Friday, October 24, 2008

Finally got some pictures up.

So you can leave me alone now, Ma. Uploaded some pictures of the Swearing In ceremony in August as well as some pictures of my house. Let me know what you think.

Also it seems like everyone else is posting a wish-list from the States on their blogs lately. I don't really recommend sending anything because shipping is pretty expensive, but if you'd like to, here's a list of some things I could use:

1) Books
2) DVDs (movies or TV Shows like The Simpsons)
3) Hot sauce (Texas Pete)
4) Parmesan Cheese
5) Pictures from back home

But really anything sent will be greatly appreciated. That's all for today.


Uncle John said...

Hey Jim,love the new digs.You have taken up interior designing instead.And at least now we have Gloria's new phone number so we can call her at all hours of the night there.Be safe have fun and I'll talk to you soon.

Christopher said...

How much is shipping?

Pacer Sharon said...

Hi Jim, and thanks for blogging from Cameroon.

Hello from Sharon McNary, an RPCV Bolivia-12 1995-97. My work then was fixing and building water systems, but I now work at Marketplace, the business show on public radio.

Say, I'm trying to reach international readers with questions about how they are feeling the global financial crisis, if at all.

Would you be willing to answer a few questions and perhaps cirulcate the link to them? I'm especially interested to see how developing nations are being affected.

Some of the people who respond may be contacted by a reporter, but initial responses are confidential. Hope you are doing well, and that you can help me out.

Here's a link to the questions:


Sharon McNary