Friday, September 26, 2008

One word review of The Dark Knight



Additionally - The Joker has replaced Patrick Bateman as my favorite character from anything ever.


cmox said...

Hey Jim -

Wow is right. . . Heath Ledger created such an exceptional villian. As for Patrick Bateman, I recently watched American Psycho again and that movie just cracks me up everytime. Sorry about your trip from hell but I'm sure you'll be laughing about it some day. Hope all is well, love ya lots xoxo Aunt Crissy

Jonathan said...

I'm changing your name at TSL to ej.

cmox said...

Hey -- new movie coming out that looks good -- try to get a bootleg - it's called Blindness:

From Academy Award®-nominated director Fernando Meirelles (City of God) comes Blindness, the story of humanity in the grip of an epidemic of mysterious blindness. As the victims of the "White Sickness" are quarantined inside a mysterious hospital, there is a secret eyewitness: one woman (Julianne Moore) who has pretended to be blind in order to stay beside her husband (Mark Ruffalo). It is she who leads a makeshift family of seven people to break out of the hospital and into the devastated city where they may be the only hope left.