Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What do Africa and America have in common?

Moving in still sucks. I’m at post now, in a giant house with absolutely zero furniture. The house itself is pretty nice. Tile floors, decent kitchen, three big bedrooms, and a living room the size of a small aircraft hangar. The fact that its so big is almost a negative because I can’t afford to properly furnish it so it looks kinda gloomy.

Moving into the house wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. A friend who’s been here for about a year now hooked me up with a Cameroonian who owed her a favor. I told the guy I wanted a bed, a stove, and an iron and handed him a ton of cash (The mattress by itself was nearly half of my moving-in allowance, but I wasn’t spending another night on a 2” foam square like I have for the past three months). Giving this kid almost all my cash was certainly not the least sketchy thing I’ve ever done, but he pulled through. He got everything I wanted and delivered it right to my house. Pretty stress-free, actually.

I’ve been here for three nights now and I finally get to cook for myself. Tonight I tried to prepare ndolé, a traditional Cameroonian dish made of bitter greens with like a peanut sauce. It might not sound great but when it comes out right it tastes almost exactly like a thicker version of spinach and artichoke dip. That’s when it comes out right. The recipe calls for peanut butter, which I couldn’t find it in the short time I had to shop today. So I figured I’d just try and make my own peanut butter. I’m an intelligent guy, right? I can figure it out, right? Wrong. I’m not even going to write what my attempted method of preparation was because you’ll all think I’m marginally retarded. Long story short it didn’t work. I made the dish anyway with my peanut-butter-abortion and while it looks and tastes nothing like ndolé, it was still pretty good. I’m eating it right now with some fried plantains. I shall call it, “jimbolé.”

I just read Umenyiora is out for the year. That sucks. What doesn’t suck is that I found out the nearby major city, Bafoussam, has a few bars with ESPN. I might get to see Carolina curb-stomp Duke come February. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

My phone/internet connection is pretty bad at my house, which kinda sucks. But I’ve been keeping myself entertained by reading the dozen or so books I have with me, and watching one of the 60 or so movies I know have on my iPod (media exchange with my friends in the last few days of training was so necessary).

All in all though I’m doing very well. Spirits are high and I’m excited to start teaching in… Oh jesus I start teaching in 2 weeks. Merde.


Gloria Twesigye said...

Do I really need to remind you how disgusing ndolé is? Ashes, my friend, it tastes like ashes.

Christopher said...

1.) Apparently Strahan is in talks about coming back.
2.) You can't mash up peanuts and mix them with butter to make peanut butter. Dammit Jim, we talked about this.

Anonymous said...

if you go to the offside, look in north america at women's soccer or whatever and go down to team news you'll see my first theoffside post. oh shit, i'm such a stud. and yes, i actually do live in ballston. how hilarious is that?

we need to play another game of chess

law school is good. it's a lot of work, but it's really interesting. there's a kid in my class, though, who is even more annoying than that kid from chapel hill. not as bad a person, per se, but more annoying on a constant basis. he totally latched onto me during orientation and i've had varied success at ditching him so far. it makes me sad. but we'll see, eventually i'll just kick him in the teeth.

i hope you don't starve to death

aunt debbie and kids said...

Jim, read your first postings to make you more thankful--something about showering with dinner?? Outside!! Just kidding....good luck with your first day of school. We're all very proud of you.

LaurainChile said...

Jim - I still enjoy reading your posts and at times laugh out loud. i don't know if you mean to be funny, but keep it up! Chile isn't nearly as third world as say, Cameroon, but not having gas central heat and hot water in the winter is pretty terrible. I've gotten my shower down to two minutes flat. We should keep in touch about teaching stuff - I will email you some websites that I've used and ideas that work with the kids!


Nathan said...

Hey bruh, hope all is well. Good luck getting started teaching, and let me know as soon as you get a couch that I can crash on, because I have no intention of getting a job in January, unless it's as a sketchy mattress thief in Cameroon.

cmox said...

Hey Jim -

just wanted to wish you luck, not that you need it, when you start teaching. You're going to be great. We love you. xoxo

Aunt Crissy & Uncle Pat