Sunday, August 10, 2008

How'd you spend your Sunday morning?

I’m assuming you woke up around 9:30 or 10, had a cup of coffee, read the paper, etc. You know, the usual lazy Sunday type package. What’d I do? I put on a dress and had an audience with the King. I roll like that.

We got to the Chefferie Superieure de Bangangté a little after 10 and got a little tour of the palace. They showed us a bunch of photos from the reigns of former kings and all kind of stuff. I’ve uploaded some photos which you can peep up in this piece. The King has a really nice Zebra rug. And I don’t mean the King of Bangangté saw a nice faux-Zebra skin rug in the Pottery Barn catalog. I mean someone went out, found a zebra, murdered it to death, and turned it into a rug. And then put a coffee table on top of it. Majestic.

So check this. The palace is located in the Sacred Forest. It's called the sacred forest because it is home to the King’s totem animal, a leopard. It is said that if this totem leopard is killed, the King too will die. More on the Sacred Forest. One of the former Kings only ruled for a few weeks because he “had relations” with a woman during his initiation in the Sacred Forest. So he was put to death. Kind of harsh, but it might have been worth it. Hundreds of people are in the Mile High Club. How many people have had sex in a Sacred Forest? It’d be like you and a bunch of sleazy Disney characters. Thumper suddenly comes to mind.

Overall, the visit to meet the King was fantastic. The King was very friendly, if a bit intimidating. He was extremely generous and provided everyone with a huge lunch. Afterwards we came back and had a few beers and watched the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics, I’m extremely torn over Team USA (AKA the Redeem Team). I love Kobe Bryant, I love Dwight Howard, I love LeBron James, and I love America. But do I love those things more than I hate Coach Krzyt-head? I… I don’t know. I can’t bring myself to root really hard for the team knowing the Rat bastard is on the sideline, but it was a lot of fun watching LeBron and Kobe jump out of the gym all day against a woeful team China (although, if anyone wants to send me one of those super fresh Team China Nike jerseys, I won’t complain). Final Olympic thought: There’s this smoking hot girl on the USA gymnastics team named Nastia. I am down with that.

So I leave for my post 2 weeks from today. That’s pretty wild. Model school is finished and I’ve graded all my final exams. My classes did pretty well so I’m excited about that. I only had to fail one kid, but she didn’t even have anything nice to say about my bubu so no great loss there. I hope I don’t get too into this whole teaching thing though. I’d like to be able to afford things one day.

I think I’m going to be getting a kitten next week to take with me to post. Half for companionship and half to kill cockroaches and mice. A few girls got some and they’re really fun. I have a picture of Tess’s (which she has aptly named Petit Lion) uploaded with the rest above. Any ideas for names when I do get one? I’m thinking Hobbes. Leave any suggestions in the comments.


cmox said...

Jim -

I vote for Mufasa!

Aunt Crissy

Anonymous said...

cat names:
lord fairfax
paul (that's a person's name...what a ridiculous name for a cat!)
roy williams
wayne ellington
ty lawson
tyler hansbrough
jackie manuel
raymond felton
phalanx (i know that's not a name, but it's a badass word)

if it's a girl:
carolina women's soccer

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, or "le chat indomptable"

or stevie g

cmox said...

Okay - I think Paul is a pretty good name for a cat too :)

Aunt Cmox.

Uncle John said...
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Uncle John said...

Hey Jim,how about Mr.Biggleswerth

dabjrb said...

Are you ready, Dad has a name he feels is clever!!!!!


So what do you think?!!!

I am not laughing.... yes I am!!

Love, Mom

Uncle John said...


Kunal said...

dude i said the same thing about nastia.odd. and slightly felonious.

Noe said...
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Jenna B said...

You should obviously name it Smuckles.

Hi Jim! :-P

Christopher said...

Tiniest Kunal