Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cameroonian Kids Say the Darndest Things

I’ve been almost embarrassingly active on the blog this week. Last post for a while, but I had to put this up because I’m sitting here grading quizzes and I think you’ll get a kick out of this.

So I had my first full-length bubu made last week. It’s pretty sweet looking. Kind of like a silvery blue-ish color with embroidery on the collar and sleeves that one could only describe as "tastefully baller." Pictures forthcoming, eventually. Anyway, I gave my chemistry class a quiz this past Friday. For the last question on the quiz, I wrote: “For a free bonus point, write about how much you like Mr. Browning’s new bubu.” Some of the responses I got were priceless. And I promise that I didn’t make any of these up.

“I like Mr. Browning’s new bubu because firstly it fits him nicely. Secondly, it is a responsible dress. His wearing it makes him more and more responsible and gentle.”

Man dresses and responsibility go hand in hand in Cameroon.

“Mr. Browning’s new bubu is very nice with his shoes. He will be a very beautiful man in his life.”
You know what? You’re damn right I will be a beautiful man in my life.

“I like Mr. Browning’s new bubu. He looks like a country man with it. I will like to have one like that.”

This boy got an A+ and my tailor’s card.

“I think Mr. Browning has the best bubu I have ever seen in Bangangté.”
I gave this student the best grade ever seen in Bangangté.

My personal favorite, however:

“Mr. Browning’s new bubu is too big on him but he seems okay with that.”
This girl has an absolutely fantastic sense of humor. Needless to say, she will not be passing my class this summer.


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cmox said...

Hey you --

Keep reading this blog over and over -- it makes me break down into giggle fits -- don't know why -- maybe it's all the caffeine I've had today.

Uncle Pat stole The Road from me and read it over vacation so I started it this week -- will probably be done w/ it over the weekend and will give my review then.

It's Brad b-day on Tuesday, give him a shout out :)

love ya xoxo

Aunt Crissy

Kat said...

Put the sass in her ass, that's what we say yo-yo.

Dad said...


Dad said...

Hi Jim,

Good to speak w/you yesterday and hear all is going well.

Yanks wound up losing yesterday afterall, maybe better luck today. Watched "There will be blood" movie last night, good but a little weird.

Just sitting on the deck this Sunday AM w/Mom catching up on your blog, I think you will be a great teacher...just don't start a union!!