Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Brother is out there.

So word around town is that certain volunteers have taken it upon themselves to read a bunch of trainees' and volunteers' blogs and report to the administration about things that they believe are insensitive or offensive. That must be a fun job. So if anyone out there feels marginalized by any of my comments, please shoot me a comment and I'll remove any such posts.

Something like that makes me want to password protect this thing, but where's the fun there? Viva la revolucion.

PS - I just plain don't like the Irish. Filthy people. Sorry Grandma.


Anonymous said...

you don't like the irish? dude, i hope it doesn't hurt too much when SHANE COMES AND EATS YOUR SOUL!!

Kunal said...

dude. SHANE. how can hate the irish, they are the craic.

Nathan said...