Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ain't no party like a Yaounde party

Because a Yaounde party doesn't stop. We've all been in the capital since Sunday and its been a blast. Yaounde has a lot of little treats that you don't find in small villages like Bangangte. The past few days I've been eating pizza, hamburgers, chinese food, and Snickers bars an in no way is that depressing.

In Yaounde we stay in the case (kahz), which is attached to the Peace Corps headquarters. It's like a giant dormitory that sleeps about 25. It's hilarious, I feel like I'm back in freshman year again. Everyone in bunk beds and playing ping pong and stuff. There's a big DVD collection and a pretty decent library (from which I have ganked a nice little sampling for the next few months). But its been really nice to get to hang out with everyone all night for the last few days before we all leave for our own corners of Cameroon.

But yeah the moment of truth is nigh upon us with the swearing-in ceremony this friday. Everyone's really excited and anxious to finally get to our posts and begin our three months of solitude. I just can't wait to be able to cook for myself and finally have some privacy. I love my host family but you can only wake up to Brian Adams blasting at full volumes before you start to want to commit multiple homicides. Voila.

Yeah the keyboard on this computer is awful so I don't want to write anymore. My next post will be coming from inside my new house sometime this weekend. A bientot.


dabjrb said...

Cogratulations handsome!!Today is the swearing in and Dad Jessi and I are very proud of you. Babadjou here you come. You are going to be a great teacher. Make sure to take lots of pix today of all you guys in matching whatever you call them. (and the mustaches too!!)

All my love, Mom

Aunt Cathy said...

Hi Jim

Congratulations. You are going to make a great teacher. Send us pictures of your new home.

I think you should name the cat Jack.

Aunt Cathy xoxo

Anonymous said...

just so you know: i'm now an official theoffside blogger