Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who needs bugspray? We're only in AFRICA.

We had an hilarious health session today with the Peace Corps Medical Officer. Basically he talked for a while about how important it was to be using bug spray with DEET in it, because it is the most effective chemical for protecting yourself from mosquito bites and, in turn, preventing malaria. Anyway he goes on and on about how important DEET is and how he hopes we're all using our bug spray.

Eventually one of the trainees raises their hand and asks the PCMO, "If it's really important that we're all using DEET bug spray, why is the bug spray in our medical kit advertised as DEET Free?!" And lo and behold, he takes out the bug spray we've all been given and on the cover in big fluorescent letters reads "DEET FREE!" Even funnier is that when you look on the label, it has all these cartoon bugs holding hands and dancing in a circle. I don't want my mosquito's tripping on my bugspray like LSD and dancing around like they're at woodstock. I want them to die horrible, horrible deaths upon touching my skin. This bug spray they've given us is an absolute joke. I'm pretty sure the ingredient list reads: water, sugar, and human blood.

Look forward to my next post about the Peace Corps' newest innovation: mesh condoms.

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aunt debbie and kids said...

I'll ask your mom to send you some of those nonmesh profolactics!!!