Saturday, July 19, 2008

This is Jim wearing a dress.

I don't think I could make the title any more straight forward. Here's a picture of me in my first pagne. It's just a simple chemise. Basically like an oxford shirt. And HERE is a picture of me in my first bubu. This one is only like a 3/4 length bubu (basically just about my knees) and it comes with a pair of pajama-style pants. Next week I'm going to get a full length bubu (think a gown down to the floor).

I'll do a full length post tomorrow or the next day. I have a lot of lesson planning to do before then.

PS - User poll: let my hair continue to grow out and look even MORE ridiculous, or just buzz it all the hell off?


Christopher said...

Oh man, if you weren't all the way across the Atlantic I would hit on you so bad in that thing.

cmox said...

Hey Bubu! Love the dress . . . I think a mini would suit you better though, you have great legs! show 'em off :) . . . As your Aunt you know I want you to shave your head, little bugs can't live it in then :) . . . as for the Dark Knight, I skipped opening weekend because I hate crowds but plan on going this week. Will give a spoiler free review. I read one review that said "The Dark Knight is like Seven, but with a cape" Not sure what I think of that -- I loved Seven but we'll see.

Going to Topsail on Friday will begin my Cormac McCarthy books then, expect a review upon my return.

Love ya,

Aunt Crissy