Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny Ramirez: Los Angeles Dodger

Anyone who wants to be my favorite person can send me a Manny Ramirez Dodgers jersey as quickly as possible. I am so excited to be able to root for Manny being Manny on the other side of the god damn country and not killing the Yankees two dozen times a year.

Go Dodgers!

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Aunt Cathy said...

I'm sure Uncle Pat is happy about the trade since he's a Dodger fan. Did you hear they Trade Jeremy Shockey to the New Orleans Saints. I'm not too upset-never liked him. Uncle Tom on the other hand is really upset. Oh well - the Giants will do fine withoug him. Uncle John and I took Brad and Paige to see Dark Knight on Wednesday-loved it. Heath was excellent as the Joker. Love the Bubu - you look so handsome (tee hee). Glad to see you are using the camera keep the pictures and blogs coming. Love you. Aunt Cathy