Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's times like these I wish I didn't believe in karma.

Because starting tomorrow morning, I'm the teacher, and not the smartass little schmuck in the back of the class making the teachers life a living hell.

Seriously though, can you believe they're going to put me in charge of a class full of kids? Cameroonian parents have worked hard all year to save up enough money so that they could send their children for a few months of extra schooling this summer. They're paying cold hard cash to give their sons and daughters a head start on next year's lessons... And they get me? They get this guy:

Caveat emptor

In reality, I feel pretty confident about the whole thing. I've received some great training and I think I'll be able to handle it. The class sizes are pretty small so I should be able to keep things under control. If nothing else, at least I'm bigger than my students. Most of them anyway. On a related note, if you read anything on about a Peace Corps Trainee getting lynched by a pack of unruly 12-year-olds... Avenge me.

This week, about half of the volunteers (the Small Enterprise Development group) were on their site visits. They came back today and one of them had an idea so hilariously stupid that we immediately knew it was brilliant. A group of about 7 or 8 of us guys have decided to stop shaving for the next month and grow as thick of a beard as possible. Going the month will take us to a few days before our Swearing-In ceremony. That's a big deal, the Country Director comes, the US Ambassador is there, and so is the mayor of Bangangte. So naturally, we're going to make asses of ourselves and shave off our beards, leaving just the solo mustache. Remember my pictures from Lost Friday? I'm hoping to look like that, only with a real mustache. In all likelihood I'll end up looking like a 15 year old wearing a week's worth of peach fuzz so he can try and buy a six-pack at a gas station.

On the homefront, how have you guys liked The Dark Knight? Any reviews would be welcomed, as long as they're spoiler free. Any spoilers and I swear to all gods christian, pagan, or otherwise that I will hunt you down and eat your black heart.

I see the Yankees have woken up a bit, that's nice. I'd kill to sit and watch a baseball game. More than anything though, I hate the fact that I'm going to miss every UNC basketball game this year. They are going to be horrifyingly good this year. They are going to annihilate people next year. Opposing coaches will be forever haunted by the memories of these beatings. Their children will weep while they watch their fathers humiliated on national television. Their wives will never look at them the same way. After the assault, many opposing players will give up the game of basketball for good. Some before the end of the first half. It's going to be awesome.

I should be pretty busy the next few weeks, planning lessons and getting ready to leave Bangangte and head to post for good. I'll try to keep up with the weekly posts but we'll see how that goes.

That's all for today. Shorter than usual but I'm really busy writing lesson plans. And by writing lessons plans I mean goofing off and teaching my little brother Frank how to say inappropriate things in English.

PS - Congratulations on getting into UDel Jessi! Let's go Blue Hens!
PPS - Blue Hens? Seriously? Pbbfffttthahahahahahaha


Christopher said...

Aw, you made a little icon of your face.

Jeremy said...

Here's your spoiler: Batman and Joker make out for 8 minutes. Then Alfred joins.

Jeremy said...

No but seriously, i had to clean the diahreah out of my pants it was so good.

Christopher said...

I don't think caveat emptor is the right phrase because you're not really buying anything. Maybe caveat volunteer?

Jonathan said...

I don't want to ruin the movie for you, but I hear Heath Ledger dies.

cmox said...

YO -- saw Dark Knight last night -- I thought the movie was very very good but may not lived up to all the Hype -- Heath was great -- his Interpretation of the Joke was so much fun -- he really was the movie. I also thought Aaron Echkardt as Two-Face was a great character and richly portrayed. Everyone else seemed like such minor players. Loved how it ended and Gary Oldman's Commissioner Gordon was excellent too. so there it is - can't wait for the next one, oh and can't wait to see Christian Bale as John Conner in the next Terminator movie :)

Love ya,

Aunt Crissy

aunt debbie and kids said...

Good luck on your 'first' teaching days!! If I learned anything--it rang so true: Never let them see you sweat!!! Act as if you know it all and're a good bullshiter that's what you need!! (Your father would be glad to know that I earn hard earned tax dollars by those rules!!!)
love aunt debbie

Aunt Debbie

Christopher said...

Jim, this is because I love you: