Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bucket Bath? More like &%$# - it bath.

This weekend was a lot of fun. We had a Fourth of July party at the PC HQ on Friday afternoon and had a lot of fun. Beers and burgers and a few of us worked out some ghetto ass version of beer pong. Then on Saturday night we headed to a party at the Mayor of Bangangté’s house. She was incredibly friendly and generous and we all ate ridiculously well. After dinner, the Mayor asked me and a few friends if we wanted to play “Bébé Foot.” So we went up to her game room and got SCHOOLED in an intense game of Foozball. The Mayor was talking ish the whole time and it was hilarious.

I also found out that I’ve reached Intermediate High proficiency with my French. That means that, while I still have a lot to learn, I’ve attained the level needed to complete my Peace Corps training and swear-in as a volunteer. That relieves a lot of pressure and now I think its going to be easier for me to advance my French because I’ll be less worried about attaining a certain level and just focused on expanding my vocabulary.

One last thing, I hit my lowest point since arriving in Cameroon. After an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee yesterday, I came home to shower before the party at the Mayor’s. Of course, the water and the electricity were both out. No big deal though, I can just bucket bathe with some rain water, right? Nope. No rain water in the barrel outside. Okay well at least you filled up your emergency tanks for exactly this type of situation, right? Nope, I’m a jackass. So I essentially “showered” by wiping myself off with a washcloth soaked in 4 inches of water in a bucket our housekeeper had just used to wash her feet. Go me.

Also, tomorrow is our one-month-in-country mark and there are still 38 of us. Go Stage 2008. Way to not be a b*tch about it.

Peep the pictures from the various fêtes.

PS - Mini-Book Review: Cormac McCarthy's The Road was absolutely brilliant. I couldn't tell you if I like it better than Blood Meridian
but I will say reading it has completed my about-face on McCarthy. I need to check out All The Pretty Horses. But yeah The Road is a horrifying but beautiful story about a father and son in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It sounds really cliché but it’s anything but. Read it. Now. Do it. Especially you, Aunt Crissy.


Christopher said...

1.) That's a funny coincidence, because lately I've been calling myself the Mayor of Foosball. Might have to rethink that though.

2.) We've now read the same three Cormac McCarthy books. Not sure how All the Pretty Horses stacks up, but I don't think it's as critically well-regarded or metaphysically satisfying as Blood Meridian or the Road. But it is part of a trilogy so you can get the whole thing to keep yourself occupied:

3.) If you're having trouble finding books you can try Since you're going to be mostly trading out of country, every time you send out a book you basically get a credit worth a book and a half from somebody else.

4.) I love you. Don't die of some colorfully named fever.

Christopher said...

Tiny URL for that Amazon link:

cmox said...

Hey man -- went to the book store at lunch today and picked up The Road and Blood Meridian. Heading to Topsail, NC on July 26th thru August 3rd plan on reading 'em that week. I have All the Pretty Horses at home and just never picked it up -- we'll see after these books, I heard there's a section where it's written in ALL spanish -- not very good w/ that :)

love ya -- xoxo

Aunt Crissy

Aunt Cathy said...

Hi Jim
Love the blogs. Glad to hear things are going well for you. Aunt Crissy and I are still the Beer Bong Champs. Jessi and Bree could not beat us. Your Mom and Uncle Tom even tried, but they too failed :-) - I even score on a behind the back toss - new rule that I think Jess and Bree made up in the hopes to beat us. Talk to you soon. Keep the blogs coming. Love you.

Anonymous said...

so....arod did it with madonna...gross

aunt debbie and kids said...

Hey Jim, great to see they have american beer for you!! well close enough!!
Hope all's well, paige just showed me how to log on and get everything.
we'll be chatting!!
aunt debbie

Christopher said...

He's the Guy Ritchie of baseball

Uncle John said...

Hey Jim,I didn't know they celebrated 4th of July in Cameroon?Keep up the great blogs,they keep my laughing during work.Thanks I need a good chuckle while I'm here.

Kunal said...

hmm, washcloth bath with foot water. nice. my real question is how do you do so well with the accents, you got a special keyboard? lastly, chapel hill is being profiled as titletown on sportscenter tomorrow, ill tell you how awesome it was.

shot a little under 100 at my return to summer golf this weekend at some course in pennsylvania - could of easily been a 95 or 90 but the greens were KILLER. had a birdie and 2 pars. highlights.


jessi said...

Hey Jim

I really like reading your blogs, I don't really mind your smart ass humor when it's not directed at me. I'm really happy you are enjoying it there and I'm really looking forward to seeing you! You look very handsome in your pictures...Don't tell anyone I said that :) But while everyone is so proud of you for being over in Africa, I think I should get some credit for having the real courage and selflessness of being the only child living with mom and dad, It's a real sacrifice of my own good will but hey somebody has got to do it! ahhh just kidding (but no...seriously.)

I miss you Jim a wholeeeeeeee lot!! I can't wait to see you. I'm so happy that you're my brotherrrr, you make me, mom, and dad very proud!

love you!
Jess xox

dabjrb said...


I have the sportcenter profile of Chapel Hill on the DVR for you!

I hope you are enjoying your visit to Babadjou and Mbouda. Take a lot of pix.

Love and miss you Mom

Christopher said...

Mom said...

Hey Jim,
I am a little late in replying because we took a break from the computer. The best part about selling Siobhan is that she will always be number 1 wife. lol.
It's a great thing to be able to read all of your blogs. I hope you like your location of post. I am sure you will succeed anywhere you are.
Mrs. Perkins
not your mom