Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wireless internet in Bangangte!?

So yeah, thanks to some help from one of the IT education trainees, a bunch of us were able to figure out how to use our cell phones (essentially) as wireless routers for our laptops for about $1 an hour. Way faster than your average internet cafe and immeasurably more convenient. I'm still going to keep the updates weekly, because I'm not really trying to spend much time on the computer when there's so much to do around here. But this way I can really get on the web just about any time I want/need.

Things are still going well with the host family. We play a lot of card games and I'm still teaching Jacques how to play chess. He's a very quick learner and I'm sure he'll be embarrassing me in no time.

We now have a regularly scheduled pick-up soccer game among the trainees and a few trainers. We played Thursday and it was a blast. Some of the trainees are very good, some very bad (moi), and almost all the trainers are insanely good. Our training director David (much older guy) was absolutely schooling us twenty-somethings out there. The "field" is 100% mud/clay. Not a patch of grass on it, sort of like the field we used to practice football on at RPHS. I wiped out fantastically near the end and got pretty scraped up. I'll undoubtedly have developed gangrene in my left arm and leg by the time you read this post.

Through a bit of lobbying, I was able to get the trainee curfew extended tonight (Until 9 PM! We're insane.) And we're all gonna get together for some drinks and I think a few people are going to cook up some food. So far no one has died, quit, or gotten pregnant. But we've only been in Bangangte for like 10 days so there's plenty of time. If I had to guess which would happen first, I'd go with a pregnancy. You get enough 25 cent sachets of whiskey in you and bad decisions are inevitable.

Oh yeah, I really need to start writing down my dreams too. This malaria medication is well known for giving incredibly vivid dreams and it has been living up to the hype. I had one last night where I had all kinds of bugs living in my skin and I had to pop them out like pimples. Here's to hoping it wasn't a premonition of things to come.

Anyway things are going pretty well, another full week in the books. We do a thirty minute teaching example next week and I think I'm going to do mine on mitosis. I know, they're going to be riveted. I might take some pictures tonight/tomorrow and post them mid week, in which case I'll post a link here. A bientot!


Christopher said...

I clicked through to the wikipedia page on myiasis and I think I blacked out for a little bit it was so disgusting.

dabjrb said...

Jimmy, I really don't need all this info!! I am not taking malaria pills and I am having nightmares, I just might be on the next plane to come and drag you home!!! IRON, IRON, AND IRON AGAIN!!!

Love, your stressed out Mom

Anonymous said...

i heart you jim

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Gloria, and I'm on board for the next education training group, leaving in June! So I'm reading volunteer blogs like crazy in preparation! Had a question about the cell phone wireless internet thing--do you need to have bluetooth on your laptop to do that? Or any other special features? I haven't bought a laptop yet, and want to make sure I don't get screwed! Thanks!