Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Uploaded a few pics before Bangangté

So we're not exactly working with blazing fast internet speeds so I can put up all of my pics or even any of them at full resolution, but I set up an account where I'll be throwing up a few snapshots whenever I get the chance. I haven't taken that many pictures of Yaounde because 1) Im an idiot who always forgets his camera 2) We really haven't travelled around Yaounde that much (We're mostly sequestered to the PC Office and our Hotel). The link is right here.

But tomorrow I head out to Bangangte to meet my host family and see the place I'll be living for the next three months. We had a questionnaire about our living preferences (Like electricity, running water, toilets, etc.) and whether or not we'd mind living without them. Most people just put they didnt mind any of it. Me? Not so much. Me (and Trevor and Joe and Nick) were actually honest. We figure we can handle living without those things for three months, but if they're actually going to use the questionnaire to place us, why not try and get them? Screw looking easy to please, I don't want to crap in a hole for three months longer than I have to.

But that said I probably wont have internet access often or at all for the next three months, so I'll be out of commission. But as soon as I get back I'll have a full report on Pre-Service Training as well as a bunch of photos. You stay classy.

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Kunal said...

wow. you really update this ish. impressive. when do you get into the classroom?