Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Settled in in Yaounde!

Well I've been in Yaounde for a few days now (and I'm on a Peace Corps computer so it's actually got a good-old-american-these-colors-dont-run keyboard with like punctuation and such). Of course I've just gotten settled enough in time to leave on Thursday to head out to Bangangte to meet my host family whom I'll be living with for the next 10 weeks. I'm really excited about it, because basically my French can only go up from where it is. I think living with them is going to allow me to immerse and get better at picking up the language.

Anyway the weather here is surprisingly mild. We're in the rainy season which is about 9 months long in Yaounde, and its a bit cooler now. It gets pretty warm in direct sunlight and from around 11:30 AM to like 2:00 PM, but at night its a very comfortable temperature. Bangangte apparently gets down to the 50s at night, which will be great because its a lot easier to sleep in the cool for me.

But anyway as I was saying everyone in my group is very cool (There are 38 of us all together). There are about 6 or 8 of us who get along very well so I'm having a lot of fun and not feeling too homesick just yet. We're still a bit sheltered here in Yaounde, and things will probably be a bit more wild in Bangangte, but since I've made some friends I think I'll be able to tought it out.

But anyway: To answer a few questions:

1) Chris - Yes the keyboard does have a cidella(?) as well as a bunch of little like pictograms for Pidgin (like fishes and suns and sech)

2) Billy - No "i surrender" button but the "Esc" button takes up half of the keyboard.

3) Ellen - See you next tuesday :)


Christopher said...

Will you send me an e-card written in fishes and suns?

What a backwards nation lolz!

dabjrb said...

Aunt Crissy explained one of your responses to me!!!!


Love, Mom