Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One quick last thing before I leave...

I have my cell phone up and running so if you guys ever want to call or text me while Im here, the number is (011) (237) 79 49 60 06. That includes the US international calling code and then the Cameroonian country code. Its kinda expensive but not too crazy. Especially just for the once-in-a-while text message. Just thought Id give you guys the info because Id love to hear from you. It wont cost me anything if you call me, as all incoming calls are gratis. But if you text itll cost me a bit to text back so dont be offended if I have no credit on my phone and cant hit you back.

Anyway we got our language test results back and apparently Im an Intermediate Low, which is two levels higher than I expected to be and Im a little stressed that the people Im going to be grouped with are going to be moving too quickly for me... I guess we'll see soon enough. Thats all for a while. On va parler en dix semaines.


Dad said...

Hey jim,

Updates from home

a) Strahan announced his retirement - Giants will be OK though I think w/Osi & returning Kiwanuka
b) Yanks still playing 500 ball
c) Celtics up 2-1 vs Lakers
d) Hot as h*ll in NY - figures you to to bloody Africa to get a break from the heat!!
e) Mom & Jessi are still a pain in the ass!!

Stay well,


Dillon said...

i sent you a text
tsl says hi