Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last full day in the States

Staging so far has been a blast. Well, I suppose thats not true. The actual Peace Corps staging sessions and all that has been kind of boring. Standard seminar crap (icebreakers, group posters, etc.). But meeting everyone else headed to Cameroon has been great. There's 36 of us going and everyone is really enthusiastic about leaving and extremely friendly. Just about all of us took over a bar a few blocks from the hotel last night and got to know each other. After meeting them all I'm even more excited about training because I know that worst comes to worst I'll at least be around a bunch of friends.

Tomorrow morning we go to the clinic and get a bunch of shots and such before flying to Paris at 6:45. That's a 7 hour flight, followed by a 2 hour lay over in gai Paris, followed by another 7 hour flight to Douala(doo-all-ah), Cameroon. That's when things get kinda hectic. We take a 50 minute flight from Douala to Yaounde (yah-oon-day)which I can only imagine should be an interesting one. We're in Yaounde for like 5 days before heading to Bangangte (bon-gone-tay) for the next 10 weeks.

Well anyway, I think most of us are just going to take it easy tonight and watch the Laker game. The next few days are going to be very exciting and undoubtedly tiring so I should probably just rest up tonight. I've got a cold and I'm hoping to kill it by Saturday morning, cross your fingers.


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