Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cameroon Top 5 Lists+ Pictures

So I was thinking the other night about a few things and I threw these lists together to give you guys a better grasp of what it’s like living here.

Top 5 Things That Will Take Some Getting Used To:

5) Every time I get drink bottled water, its piss warm. But when I take a shower, its Rocky Mountain cold.

4) Taking said showers with tomorrow’s dinner. Pre-beheading.

3) Another Trainee said it best: “All the food is good here, but Cameroon has made me realize how important presentation is to a meal." The other night I was served Plantains in peanut sauce. After closing my eyes and digging in, I LOVED it. But imagine being served a plate of gray, banana-shaped logs served in thick, brown, speckled gravy.

2) French.

1) The Bangangte 06:00 Wake-Up Call – I don’t know where in the town charter it says this, but apparently the local Crowing Roosters, Crying Babies, and Loud Music Bumping unions have organized to have ALL HELL break loose outside my window every morning 10 minutes before dawn. The music and roosters I can live with, but there is this one kid who lives next door and every morning he wakes up screaming like someone is killing him. Frankly its gotten to the point where I’m hoping they just finish the job.

Top 5 Things that I Already Love about Cameroon

5) Sleeping in a mosquito net makes me feel sexy. Sue me.

4) 24 Oz. beers for $1 everyday. 1.5 Oz. Capri Sun-like bags of whiskey for 25 cents. Huge, delicious plates of rice, potatoes, beans, and sauce for 75 cents. And more than anything else: The Bangangte Egg McMuffin: A hard boiled egg with some spicy sauce served in what is essentially a giant doughnut hole with no powdered sugar. How much? 25 cents.

3) Being the only white guy in a market full of 2,000 people. I’m sure this one will get old, but right now whenever I walk around, all the stares just make me feel like a rock star.

2) Cameroonian television – 17 channels of Spanish soap operas with French subtitles. 3 channels of soccer.

1) Pierre’s – Local bar where every night they set up the place especially just for the influx of PCTs after training. Great food, great beer, and a great atmosphere. For you Chapel Hill folks reading this, its like Montys but EVERY NIGHT.

I also uploaded some pictures from last nights festivities. Some of them didn't work, so there's only about 10. I'll try to get some more up next weekend.


Uncle John said...

Hey Jim,love your blog.sounds like your having a good time.The pictures of you and your friends proves that.Alyssa has those crazy eyes,she must be fun to hang with.Be safe and I'll talk to you soon.

andres said...

MONTYS EVERY NIGHT?! i went on my (possibly THE) first ever monty's date last thursday...billy was in the ATL. keepin the tradition alive!!

pmox said...

Yo Jim,

Good to hear you are expanding your horizons.Not everyday you get to bathe with poultry.

I received an email claiming that I had won the Cameroon lottery. Would you be able to help me out an act as my Rep? Sounds to good to pass up!

Megan Jordan said...

agreed, mosquito nets are sexy.
beer's cheaper than water here too!