Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bangangte pictures uploaded on Flickr!

I found an internet cafe that actually communicates with the outside world faster than your average carrier pidgeon (though not much), so I was able to get some pictures uploaded. There may or may not a few candid shots of the voyeur chicken I accidentally showered with. I forget.

Warning: The adorability of certain Cameroonian children may be too potent for some.

check dat ish rite hurr


Anonymous said...

haha, roma is trying to get john arne riise. enjoy the own goals

Aunt Cathy said...

The children are too cute. The picture of Frankie w/the sunglasses is adorable. Keep the pictues coming, love ya.

Anonymous said...

ha, peace out portugal

dabjrb said...

The pictures are great and you look wonderful! I miss you quite a bit especially when I walk past your tidy room!! I might send Jessi in there to mess it up, we both know she can do a pretty good job, not as good as you. Be happy, be safe and do good things!!!

I love you, Mom

Christopher said...


I started The New York Trilogy. It's pretty good.

Aunt Patti said...

Wow...I googled your name & actually found your blog! Just wanted to say enjoy the experience, be safe & don't forget to call your mom!! So proud of you!!