Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Book Recommendations?

Forgot to mention that I'm going to bring about a dozen paperbacks with me and I've still got room for like 4-5 more. Hit me up with some recommendations at The smaller the book the better so I can bring more along. So we're looking for maximum awesome to page ratio here. Merci.

I'd Rather Pack Then Watch the Yankees Lately

Yup. It's come to that. I'd rather sit and pack my bags than watch the "Bombers" score 2 runs a series. Can Joba hit? Maybe Joba can hit. Throw him on 1st base and see what happens. How bad could that be? He couldn't do worse than Giambi in his golden thong, could he? At least I don't have to worry about them winning #27 while I'm in the bush. Bah.

Anyway so I've pretty much got everything I need and I'm gonna start throwing it all in bags over the next few days. I don't need to bring that many clothes with me as I can get most of what I need made over in Cameroon pretty cheap. The following is a list of everything I'm going to bring. Not exactly riveting reading but I'm using it to make sure I'm not forgetting anything.

- Collared Polo shirts - 4
- Oxford work shirts - 5
- Ties - 3
- Tee-shirts - 5 for wearing out, 5 casual
- Jeans - 1 light, 1 dark
- Athletic Shorts - 2
- Belts - 2
- Dress Pants - 2 light, 1 dark
- Beaters, socks, and underwear - 12 each
- Raincoat
- Light coat
- Sweatshirt? Maybe
- Bathing Suit
- Watch
- Sunglasses
- Yankees hat (Masochism)

- Dress Shoes
- Rainbows
- Running Shoes
- Hiking Boots

- Antiperspirant
- Moisturizer
- Q-Tips
- Shampoo
- Body Wash
- Washcloth
- Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Lysterine, Floss
- Tweezers
- Nailclippers
- Earplugs
- Camping towels
- Razor + Crazy mad razorheads
- Shaving cream

Work stuff:
- Day-Planner
- Notebooks
- "Donated" Science textbooks (hoping to steal some from Rocky Point High School)

Kitchen + House Wares:
- Ziplocks
- Leatherman Multi-tool
- Can-opener
- Some snacks

Electronic stuff:
- Cell Phone
- Mag-Lite
- Hand-cranked Lantern
- USB Flashdrive
- Powermonkey Explorer Solar Powered Cellphone/iPod/Digital Camera charger (awesome)
- Laptop? (Haven't decided yet)
- Travel Chess Computer
- Need to buy an iPod and a Digital Camera

- Lots of photos of friends and family
- Peace Corps paperwork
- World Map
- Postage Stamps
- Alarm clock
- Chess set
- Playing Cards
- Calculator
- French dictionary
- Umbrella
- Putter (Yes, I have a serious addiction)
- Combo locks
- Laundry stuff
- Drying line
- So much duct tape
- Mirror
- Carolina stuff to decorate my walls

Damn it I have so much to do.

Friday, May 16, 2008

T-Minus 20 Days

Hey everybody,

So even though it goes against every fiber of my being... I've started a blog. I chose this over sending out any blanket emails because that's wildly pretentious and obnoxious and I don't think I need any help coming off as pretentious and obnoxious.

I leave for staging on June 4th. I'll probably make a post before I leave about how staging went. Past that point I have no idea about how often I'll be able to update this thing. But I should be able to get to a computer on a somewhat regular basis either at my school or when I travel to bigger cities like Douala or Yaounde.

My email is and I'll try to respond to any emails as quickly as possible. I'd love to hear from you all as much as possible. Keep me updated on what's going on back home/with you guys/the Yankees/Brangelina.

Also I'm bringing a digital camera with me and I'll try and link to any pictures I take on here as well once I get that all working.


PS - Important assignment for all of you. Any time you see a decent movie in the next 27 months, either shoot me an email about it or leave it on here via comment. I swear to god I'm near suicide knowing I'm missing out on stuff like The Dark Knight or Burn After Reading. It's up to you all to make sure I know exactly what I need to check out as soon as I get back.